In The Midst Of Final Edits

I’m so close to finishing the final draft of my book I can almost smell the freshly printed pages. It’s so exciting to see everything finally coming together. I’m hoping to start the publishing process within the next month 🙂

Here’s one of my favorite scenes:


Emma paused a moment. “So…you were born with this ability?”

“You could say that.”

“Ambrosius…you claim to be extremely old. I didn’t believe you for a moment when you first told me. But if that is actually true, and you have abilities that other humans don’t…what does that make you?”

“It makes me Ambrosius.”

“I don’t mean to offend,” she began, unsure of how to continue. “But, are you…human?”

He laughed loudly and slapped his knee. “Why on earth would that question offend me? Really, Emma?”

Ambrosius continued roaring until it grew to its near-manic level.

“Then, are you?” Emma asked anxiously.

He stopped laughing and his face quickly grew serious. Emma felt the hair stand on the back of her neck as his icy eyes bore into hers.

“Take a look at me. What do you think?”

Before her sat a tall, lanky man in a faded blue suit and a peach-striped top hat. His nose was pointed and jaw angular. Though his mouth was a little smaller than it should be for the size of his face, his head was quite large, and his eyes were a strange hue of blueish silver, he looked like a completely normal, everyday human.

But he wasn’t.

“Yes…you are human…,” she replied with blatant uncertainty.

He continued staring, looking into her for some other answer, waiting for the truth to be revealed from her lips.

But she couldn’t bring herself to put it to words.

After a moment of silence he sat back and sighed. “Then you’re right, I’m quite human.”

He looked out the window and closed his eyes, his gentle humming meditation filling the silent, charged room.


I gave y’all some clues as to who (or what) Ambrosius is in that scene. Anybody have an idea? I’m curious to see if it’s too obvious or not obvious enough 🙂

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