I’m A Writer…

… trying to release my first books out into the world.

I’ve always been writing in some form or another. If you take a look through old boxes of papers in my parents’ house, most of them are covered with Sarah scribbles about ancient beasts and dark forests with knobby old trees. Over the years I continued gravitating toward the unknown realms explored by the likes of HP Lovecraft until I found my own universe. This is where I remain, in some starry dimension surrounded by my snarky characters and twisty plots.

But now I need to take them out of my head, off my computer and onto a book page (preferably many). Right now I’m tiptoeing on an unsteady fence between continuing my search for a traditional publisher and doing it all myself. Should I fall on the side of the established method that will take care of all that pesky marketing stuff, or try this newfangled Amazon path and get my work out there as soon as possible? There are so many pros and cons to each that I’ve drummed a grove into my desk with all of my anxious finger-tapping.

So this site is devoted mostly to my writing and partially to the philosophy and paranormal ideas that inspire it. I’m sticking to blog format because I love getting feedback and theories from others, so please leave whatever words you like, be they in the form of comments, questions, or pretty poetry πŸ™‚Β 



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