As If I’m Not Addicted Enough to Writing…

I’ve disappeared on here for much too long. The culprit is a new publishing internship which, as awesome as it is, has been taking up a lot of my writerly time.

I’m currently proofreading essays in which authors describe their first manuscripts. Their stories about inspiration, the combined pain and ecstasy of writing, and character development are making my writer’s itch much, much worse than normal.

It doesn’t help that I’ve set a personal rule not to write something new until I finish final edits for Becoming Light and M. Ambrosius. That’s going to take awhile, and I want to write right nowwww.

Alright, time to stop whining and get back to proofreading. I’ll post more often again, I promise. Maybe a new short story for my blog will be the perfect little outlet for my obsession 🙂

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