Running Away To L.A.

So it’s actually happening. After years of playing with the notion of moving to Los Angeles, I’m finally doing it this Saturday. What’s funny is that my reason for it is totally different from what it had been initially.

It started during my last semester of college. I was in New Orleans, in a long-distance relationship with a guy and N’N’Out (Californians know), counting down the days until graduation and the road trip back to San Diego.

My best friend from childhood had been living in Los Angeles for awhile and was pushing me to join her. Another close friend in Tennessee was also planning to move out here. At one point, the whole plan seemed set in stone; we were looking for jobs, searching apartments, excitedly planning our awesome metropolitan future. At the time I had no idea what I’d be doing with my life, but all that mattered was that I’d be spending it with my closest friends.

Then months passed. Suddenly a year. The LA thing just didn’t happen. I stayed in my parents’ house with a part time job and no solid idea of what I wanted to do. That is, until I wrote my first draft of my first book.

Everything changed. Moving out was no longer that important. Walking down the Sunset strip  arm in arm with Johnny Depp meant nothing anymore. All that mattered was my writing.

But when I began the publishing adventure I realized just how small San Diego is literary-wise. The big houses were either in New York or Los Angeles. After spending a freezing month in the former, I decided L.A. would be the better option.

And now it’s happening. I’m not moving with my close friends per the original plan. But this time, I actually know what I want to get out of the city. I’m going in with a goal, which I’d assume is the best way to deal with L.A. 🙂

Anyone else make the big move to Los Angeles? If so, please give me any advice you can!

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