All Moved In And Feeling Inspired

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks; Easter season at work made for endless hours cupping chocolates, the move up to Burbank took a little longer than planned. I’ve been up here for almost five days and still haven’t gotten the chance to dig into all the boxes =/

The hardest part has been not having time to write. My book is finished and waiting for me to publish it, but I’ve got the worst cold feet ever. I know I need to do a lot more marketing before I can even begin the process, so I picked up a book by Kristen Lamb called “We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media” (naturally, I love the first part of the title).

This thing is gold. Her method promises to help readers gain a social media following, something I’m completely inept in. That’s partially because I’m so not a business person, but Lamb gives clear guidelines that make sense and focus on creating relationships rather than cold-sales and gimmicks. 

I’m not finished with the book yet, but I’m too excited about it to wait to share with others 🙂 If you’re a writer in need of social media and marketing guidance, I definitely recommend it. 


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