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  • Tea With A Demon

    Tea With A Demon

    Now that exclusivity rights are up with Writers Tribe Review, I’m excited to bring “Tea With A Demon” home to my little website 🙂 Tea With A Demon Published in Writers Tribe Review’s “Humor” Issue, Fall 2013 Mrs. Chinsey arrived for dinner at the Flitterbys’ home an hour late that evening. Her graying hair, normally…

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  • And Now For Something Completely Different

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    I finally finished my first draft of Becoming Free today! This round was much faster than previous books; Becoming Light’s first draft took almost 6 months, and The Other Side was about 8 or 9 (I was lagging a lot on that one). Becoming Free breaks the record in half with 3 months! So I…

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  • In The Midst Of Final Edits

    I’m so close to finishing the final draft of my book I can almost smell the freshly printed pages. It’s so exciting to see everything finally coming together. I’m hoping to start the publishing process within the next month 🙂 Here’s one of my favorite scenes: *********************************************************************************************************** Emma paused a moment. “So…you were born with…

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  • Plumbing For Jobs

    Yeah I know the title makes no sense but I like it so bleeh! I’ve been spending a lot of painstaking hours applying for jobs in Los Angeles. My first interview on Monday went something like this: Interviewer who looked like a typical Hollywood producer with too much bling: Let me print out your resume.…

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  • The Piano Boy

    This one is based off of a true story regarding a friend of mine. We thought it’d be funny to write about 🙂 Warning though: this story is really, really bad and unedited. If you’re looking for high-quality, award-winning prose, run away now.  I just wanted to write this for fun and giggles in the…

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  • My Halloween Costume Has Inspired A New Story

    So I found the most perfect costume ever imagined by human ingenuity: the Alien Unicorn- my favorite creature 🙂 In celebration of this epic purchase, I’ve decided to write a short short story about an alien unicorn. One disclosure though- I won’t have time to edit it or try to actually make it anything artistic.…

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  • The Demon

    So this is a short story I’ve been working on. I plan to enter it into some writing competitions within the next couple of weeks, so if anyone has any suggestions for how to polish it up, please let me know 🙂 The Demon She hadn’t looked in a mirror for over forty years. Today…

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