Meditation, Take Two

So I’ve been reading Sadghuru’s book, Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide To Joy (amazing, by the way) and got really confused by the idea of having the innate ability to respond to everything, which is what he calls responsibility. I mean, I figured I’d always known that, why was it something that needed to be taught in a book?

Thankfully, he also included a short exercise to focus on being responsible for one full minute. He suggested that even pulling off this one activity could have amazing ramifications for my wellbeing. I wasn’t very convinced, to be honest. I figured that, since I didn’t fully understand his meaning, I’d be a little confused for a minute and be over it.

I was so, so wrong.


The minute started and I looked around. Then I understood. Or, at least, I think I understood. I hope I did, because I felt pretty awesome after and have been for almost 24 hours.

Basically, all I did was look at things around me and think about the fact that I could choose to do anything I wanted in response to seeing them. I could grab my passport and run to the airport. I could pick up my mug and fill it with coffee or water or llama poo (granted, the latter might take longer). I could stroke my boyfriend’s beard or pull on it.  My mind, clearly, started going to some weird places, but I was feeling pretty ecstatic about it all. I can’t really explain why, but maybe I don’t need to. Maybe that’s the point — feel joyful without needing to completely understand the psychology behind it?

My point is, whatever Sadhguru is teaching, it’s freaking amazing. I know I’ve been posting about him a lot, but it’s for a good reason. He has a way of explaining things so simply, that you can’t believe you didn’t know it already. Or maybe you did, but never really made the connections necessary for them to have meaning.

So you’ll probably be hearing more about him, especially as I continue reading this book. That said, go out and buy it ASAP! Your anandamaya kosha will thank you 🙂



3 responses to “Meditation, Take Two”

  1. Damn defo gonna buy the book! I downloaded his app, he keeps surprising me with the things he has to say 🙂 there’s one where he said having habits, good or bad, are things we do unconsciously. He has a very unique perspective of things I love it! So glad I found someone who’s so interested in him as I’m haha!

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