The Awesomeness That Is Sadhguru

I had a weird moment on the last night of 2016. It was around 11:45PM and I wanted to meditate (yes, I was preparing for my upcoming old lady status by staying in). My thought process was that by beginning 2017 with good, peaceful energy, those feelings would continue throughout the year.

So we scanned YouTube for something good. The second result on our list showed a clip of a man who looked like an Indian Santa Claus. That may have been why I clicked the link (though I’m hoping it was something more metaphysically magical than that) and watched his video.

Weirdly, everything this guy said completely spoke to my current predicament. I’m stuck in LA right now and vehemently wishing to be anywhere else, but I can’t leave just yet. It’s frustrating, to say the least. Sadhguru addressed the idea of being emotionally “stuck” and the problem with seeing happiness from an “outside-in” perspective.

The basic gist of his talk was that we need to realize that happiness truly comes from within. Yes, it’s something we’ve always heard, and to be honest I’m not expressing his vision the right way. You just need to watch him to understand.

So do it:

Anyway, I continued watching, totally enthralled by this dude. He’s basically an enlightened being — you can see it in his eyes and the way he laughs. Yes, I may be one of those susceptible people who can easily get manipulated into a cult, but I fully believe this dude is legit.

So I signed up for his free meditation. It takes about twenty minutes a day, and it might feel a little weird at first for the newbie (there’s a lot of “omming”), but it definitely had a positive effect on my overall wellbeing. I had to stop after about two weeks because a lot of craziness started going on at work and I just couldn’t deal, but I’m going to try to start up again as soon as I can get into a better daily routine.

I’ve been watching more of his videos lately, and quite honestly, it’s been helping me better handle living here. Yes, I still dislike LA. Yes, I still desperately want to run away. But I can at least say I’m more zen about it 🙂

Do you think Sadhguru is legit, too? Do you have any meditation tips? As always, comment below with your thoughts!




11 responses to “The Awesomeness That Is Sadhguru”

  1. Totally legit. Been doing this yoga for 15 years now and every single day is pure magic. Best decision I have ever taken. Have to admit I didn’t like him when I first met him, but what he said just resonated and made too much sense.

  2. If this is your experience by just looking at his video then you must visit his ashram in Coimbatore in India and spend some time In dhanyalinga you will not feel like coming out of that place or ashram. First time I went to see how much fake is it and after staying there for couple of days I did not feel like coming out of the ashram. The energy over there is really positive and it feels so good that when ever I have time I just go to ashram.

    • That sounds amazing! I know that one day soon I’ll make a trip out there. I’ve been fascinated with India in general, so this seems like a good excuse to finally visit! Thank you for your story!

  3. Hey Sarah,
    I was searching for Sadhguru in the reader, I know so duh of me to do that (now this is a habit as I keep searching for his new videos on youtube ..) a bit of scatter brain I call myself . Well, The first blog that popped up was yours !
    I have had the privilege to see him twice, one for the Mystic Eye with Sadguru and the second time for the Inner Engineering -IE course with Sadhguru.
    He is such a learned man . So exuberant .He speaks Logic. He doesn’t preach. He is contagious . His talks are simple and get straight to the heart. Hoping to go to Coimbatore soon and advance my knowledge .
    He is less of a Guru and more of a rock star! Completely Legit !

    • Hi Preeti! Thank you so much for your insightful comment!! I just bought his Inner Engineering book and I’m so excited to get started on it! That’s amazing that you’ve gotten to see him twice! I’m hoping to one day make a trip out to India to see him!!

  4. Right on point! Just like Preeti, I searched for Sadhguru in the reader too and found your post. I am drafting a post about him and his effect on me even though I just started about a week ago! Honestly cannot wait to see the optimum effects of meditation(and I know what you mean, I was a bit scared omming but got used to it). My dream is to visit his ashram and stay there for a long time, learning about myself more than ever:)

    • I can’t wait to read your post! It’s amazing how insightful he is, and I really want to hear about how everyone has been effected by his teachings. I will totally be visiting his ashram one day soon!!

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