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  • Meditation, Take Two

    Meditation, Take Two

    So I’ve been reading Sadghuru’s book, Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide To Joy (amazing, by the way) and got really confused by the idea of having the innate ability to respond to everything, which is what he calls responsibility. I mean, I figured I’d always known that, why was it something that needed to be…

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  • Bucket List: Preparing For My Meditation Day

    Bucket List: Preparing For My Meditation Day

    One of my Things-To-Do-Before-30 Bucket List items includes spending an entire day meditating. I knew while typing it into that fateful blog post that this would be one of my bigger challenges. In fact, it would probably take as much practice and prep as my 5K run goal. Little did I know how out of…

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  • The Awesomeness That Is Sadhguru

    The Awesomeness That Is Sadhguru

    I had a weird moment on the last night of 2016. It was around 11:45PM and I wanted to meditate (yes, I was preparing for my upcoming old lady status by staying in). My thought process was that by beginning 2017 with good, peaceful energy, those feelings would continue throughout the year. So we scanned…

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  • My (Mis)Adventures In Yoga

    My (Mis)Adventures In Yoga

    I first attempted yoga when I was in college. A friend and I decided that we wanted to be flexible and zen, so we went to a local yurt (yes, my hometown is hippieville USA). I figured it would be a nice, slow session of balancing on one foot or hanging out in downward dog.…

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