Jumping On The Bandwagon

Since everyone else is listing their New Year’s resolutions, I figured I would join in and share a few of mine 🙂

I’d go for B.

What must happen this year, in order of importance:

1. Becoming Light must be sitting in the Encinitas Barnes and Noble fiction section. It’ll be cozied up between Jack London and Bette Bao Lord

2. Move out of the parents’ house.

3. Get abducted by some friendly grays.

4. Have at least 500 followers on this blog

5. Avoid unfortunate mishaps with tea, coffee, or any other liquid near my precious new Macbook Air.

6. Drive for hours with no destination

7. Escape to Burning Man (and then hopefully escape from it)

8. Memorize at least ten awesome quotations.

9. Eat healthier, exercise, blah blah blah

10. Travel somewhere I’ve never been and write an article about it

Sooo now that it’s written down I guess this means I have to actually do it =/

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