The Last Day Of The Year Is….

The perfect day to begin something completely new and probably quite crazy 🙂

It’s tiiiiiiime!!

After a sleepless night filled with rambling thoughts and much too much coffee, I’ve made my decision.

It’s time to start the process of self-publishing my book. I know I’ve made abundantly clear in previous posts my preference for taking the traditional route toward making my awesomest book ever an international bestseller (hell yes, it’ll happen!), but with the help of a genius friend I’ve come to a very clear (and important because I bolded it!!!) conclusion:

I love this book– it has a piece of my soul in it for crying out loud–therefore, only I can be the one to put it out there. I simply can’t (and shouldn’t) trust publishers to market it the way it deserves to be.

And I have a plan 🙂 it’ll involve this blog, Facebook, Twitter, a new website and a lot of  unicorn magic.

So stay tuned to see how it all pans out! I’m so excited for this and honored to have you awesome followers witness the whole crazy process 🙂

Happy New Year all!!

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