The Search Begins

A few months ago I made a promise to myself to move to Los Angeles by spring of next year. Publishers, friends and freedom have  become much too enticing for me to stay away from.

So I’m beginning what should be an interesting search for an in-house writing or editing job. Hilariously impossible, I know. I can hear your laughter from here 🙂

But I figured I need to try. It’s pretty much the same mentality I had for finding an agent and traditional publisher a few months back. The job could be in some shady office with peeling vinyl walls and iron-barred windows for all I care; I just want to find a non-contract writing job with a decent salary and benefits.

Monster and Craigslist searches have all come back with a blank stare and a shrug, so I guess the next step will be to contact newspapers, publishing house and magazines myself and see if they have something open. Anyone else try to get into the industry in Los Angeles (or anywhere else)? Anyone have advice about it (other than not to bother)?

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