Merry Or Happy?

This year I’ve begun to notice a serious surge in the gap between those who wish each other a “Happy Holidays” and those who prefer “Merry Christmas.”

They get quite touchy over it. As a sales associate at a popular chocolate shop which will remain unnamed so I can keep my job (hooray for corporate policies!), I try to avoid bringing religion into the workplace. I celebrate Christmas and am proud of it, but I just don’t see a point in immersing it into my work, especially when so many customers don’t celebrate it themselves.

So at the end of each transaction I tell the customer to have a wonderful day, just as I do all year long. Some of them actually get annoyed with me for this. They will step back a moment, react as if I’d just grumbled “happy holidays, screw Christmas.” They take a deep breath, reply tartly with a “Merry Christmas,” give me a stink eye and huff off. By this point it’s clear they don’t want any of my Christmas to be merry.

I have a feeling those who wish others a Merry Christmas receive the same negative feedback from time to time as well. So when did people get so sensitive over a simple phrase? The intent is the same, why not just take it as is and thank them for the kind thoughts?

Anyway, hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and awesome holiday season with the ones they love 🙂

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