So Today’s Been…

I didn’t want to wake up this morning. Usually when the alarm sounds, I’m out of bed within minutes and ready to start the day. But instead, I rolled over and fell asleep again, relishing my warm sheets and the escape of unconsciousness.

Forty minutes later I finally rolled out (literally- I fell on the floor) and started my day with the whispering promise of a migraine thudding in my head. Then I turned on the television.

Breaking News is never a good thing to read. At first glance I figured it was some local drug bust, perhaps a car chase that had finally ended. But then I read the entire headline.

Who the hell would get up one morning, put on a bullet-proof vest, pick up his two semi-automatics and drive to an elementary school to shoot some unsuspecting kids?? Who?? I’m still trying to comprehend it.

And the poor kids who had to witness it all. Apparently the teachers had them all hold hands and close their eyes as they walked out of the school, but I’m sure some of them saw things they’ll never be able to erase from their minds.

That’s what’s been bothering me most. Of course, I feel terrible for the children who died and the families who will forever have to cope with such a huge loss. But the survivors will have to carry these memories for the rest of their lives.

And then this:

“First grade teacher Kaitlin Roig, 29, locked her 14 students in a class bathroom and listened to ‘tons of shooting’ until police came to help.

‘It was horrific,’ Roig said. ‘I thought we were going to die.

She said that the terrified kids were saying, ‘I just want Christmas…I don’t want to die. I just want to have Christmas.’”

No child should ever have to say that.

My heart goes out to all of them. I’m praying that none of the kids really saw anything life-shattering, that they each find ways to heal from their experiences.

It’s only 1:20 pm. Already very, very tired.



2 responses to “So Today’s Been…”

  1. What an awful morning! I hope your migraine never came to full fruition.
    And you’re right about what you say on the shooting, ah… it’s tough. The kids who weren’t killed will be traumatized for a long time, in a confusing way I imagine.

    I think they said the man’s mother worked at the school. If it’s true, it sounds like someone never got the love / attention they wanted from their mum while other children did, which might explain why he chose the school…

    Too sad. Hope you’re feeling better too.

    • Aww thank you, yeah the migraine went away thankfully. You’re so right about him possibly having received a lack of attention- that idea hadn’t occurred to me. It makes a lot of sense when you put it that way, as sad as it still is 😦

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