Something Inspirational

So a good friend of mine named Linda Costello came across an article written by Emma Straub, a blogger who recently published her first book entitled Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures. It turned out to be unexpectedly inspiring:

On Being A Late Bloomer: Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

(I finally figured out how to do links!! yay!!)

It was like reading my own life story; recent college graduate starts her writing career with the assumption she’d be published by 25, doesn’t happen that way, etc. (Though she’d somehow managed to find an agent by the time she was 22- grr).

After reading it I felt so much better about my own journey through all this craziness. One of my weaknesses is that I tend to compare myself with others (as seen above) and expect to be at their level or higher by a certain age. Her article touches on that in a way I’d never really thought about before, so it’ll definitely be bookmarked on my computer from now on!

Anyway, I really recommend fellow aspiring writers to read this, though anyone with big dreams can benefit from her advice as well 🙂

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    One of my best gal pals, Sarah Long, wrote this blog post about an article I sent her. This article, On Being a Late Bloomer: Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight, spoke to both of us, reminding that a writer must always keep writing, even if success doesn’t come right away.

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