Looks Like Stonehenge Has A Dirty Little Secret…

So I’m becoming convinced something interesting is going on with the rocks of Stonehenge. First of all, for those of you who believe we can sense changes in energetic fields, you’ll be giddy to know that there is definitely a difference between the energy you feel behind the rope fence and what you can sense inside the circle itself. It was something that crept up on me throughout the hour I was there. At first I was just so overwhelmed with excitement over being inside(!!) Stonehenge that I didn’t feel much, but by the end I was overcome with dizziness and a slight headache. I’d have to leave the inner circle to find relief for both, so I definitely feel like there was some kind of deep, charging energy there.

I brought dowsing rods to the site (I figured if I was going to do the whole New Age thing this trip, I might as well go all out). I’d hardly ever used them before, but I’d been taught the proper way to hold them, etc, so I think the results I got can be repeated. The rods crossed over each of the shorter stones (those under four feet), and uncrossed when I moved to areas where there was only grass beneath me. I also got close to the taller stones, and the rods in turn got close to crossing, which leads me to believe they would have fully crossed had I actually been on top of said stones. The only stones that were unaffected were the two in the “energetic center” of the circle. I say energetic center because visually it doesn’t look like the actual middle, but those metaphysical people all agree that it’s where the two ley lines cross. Interestingly enough, my own dowsing rods crossed over this center spot, which was in between the two unaffected stones.

But this, for me at least, is most exciting of all:

What the hell is that?? At first I thought it was a modern structure put against the stone to hold it up, but if you look closely, you can see that the slick, perfectly cut and angular stone is underneath the original stone. If you look at the grass, there is even a part of original stone sticking up over the cut stone.

What’s funny about it is that I hadn’t noticed the thing in the entire hour I was there, it was only until the last five minutes that I started frantically snapping pics of it. So it leads me to believe that most people who come to Stonehenge would never see it.

So does anyone out there have any explanation for this? I plan to do my own research but I’d rather start a discussion here and learn from people who I trust would be more knowledgeable about it than Wikipedia 😉

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