Don’t Worry, I Didn’t Get Sucked Into A Fairy Ring

So I definitely didn’t have internet in Britain. Okay, that was kinda a lie, we did have a connection in Wales but I was so exhausted from days of schlumping through muddy pastures and climbing middle-of-nowhere hills that I could barely keep my eyes open in the evenings, let alone write. Please forgive me?? I have lots of fun stories if you do 🙂

First I should probably explain my reason for trekking through Welsh forests and searching out esoteric rock circles. I’d gone to a local shamaic practitioner last year to clear my head regarding some old issues. She proved to be very insightful- the things she’d say directly correlated to my life and past in an uncanny way. A few months ago she advertised a trip she was putting together to the U.K. She listed the itinerary, which started with a trip to the middle of Stonehenge at dawn. That of course sparked my interest; I’d visited Stonehenge once before and was so disappointed with the rope fences and hordes of tourists keeping us from truly enjoying the megaliths.

But the next spot on the itinerary was what really won me over: an afternoon at Glastonbury Tor, which, next to Stonehenge, is a featured sight in my book. The nerd me squealed at the opportunity. Not only would I be able to see these awesome places again, but I’d be doing it with a group of meditative people who were seeking some kind of spiritual enlightenment.

And it turned out to be a great trip. I noticed something very interesting (*cough* ancient alien*cough*) about the stones at Stonehenge, which I’ll post about tomorrow. Glastonbury was awesome in its own right; we met up with some English shamans who brought their drums up to the top and we all joined in a drum circle.

So yeah, it was a pretty successful trip. I feel a little more enlightened, much more refreshed and ready to take on the publishing world again 🙂

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