We’re All Mad Here

So after years of avoiding it, I’ve finally become addicted to StumbleUpon. Last night I tripped and stumbled over this intriguing–and pretty hilarious– article about 6 crazy coincidences in history. The first two on the list were what piqued my interest the most. Of course, they both happen to involve Victorian-era writers who apparently have … Continue reading We’re All Mad Here

Ancient Aliens- Expanded

As promised, I’m going to  explain what drove me to really delve into Ancient Alien theory. I’ve always been kinda space-y. I blame lots of childhood scarring, including my Trekkie mom’s silver-framed USS Enterprise portrait lovingly hung above the sofa in our living room for five years, that enticing battery-smell on Disneyland’s Star Tours ride … Continue reading Ancient Aliens- Expanded

Ancient. Aliens.

So I mentioned in my first post that I wanted this blog to focus on literature, philosophy and metaphysics. I touched on the first two, but haven’t really gotten into my fascination with metaphysical studies. I’m mostly intrigued by the paranormal branch of metaphysics; about two years ago I became a member of the San … Continue reading Ancient. Aliens.