Want To Read More? Find Me On Medium

I’ve always been a Medium fan, but for some reason, I never thought to actually publish on the platform. Kind of silly, considering I’m a writer, but what can you do.

Thankfully, something clicked in March. Maybe it was the global pandemic. Maybe it was pregnancy hormones. Whatever the cause, I decided to create my own little writerly profile.

So far, it’s been going well. The only downside is that my own blog has been inactive for far too long, yet again.

To make up for that, I thought I’d link a few of my Medium articles here:

7 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Copywriting

Want Story Ideas? Play The Sims

My Favourite Bakery Reopened. It Was The Most Stressed I’d Been In Months.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Productive Right Now

I fully intend to keep posting here as well. In fact, I have a few fun updates on my writing and life, so stay tuned!

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