Some Happy Little Updates

Painting Mess
Yes, I did take this at the last minute upon realising I couldn’t legally post Bob Ross’ photos of happy trees. But if you read on, you’ll see why this was so much more appropriate anyway 😀

So here are the reasons I’ve ghosted on my own blog:

  1. Moved from Burbank to Van Nuys
  2. Left old job
  3. Moved from Van Nuys to London
  4. Started MA English Language and Linguistics at the University of Westminster
  5. Began obsessing over classes, essays, dissertations and all that fun stuff
  6. Squeezed in some good ‘ol writing whenever I could

All the while, my poor little website was languishing, waiting for updates, or stories, or at least the odd joke (that only I would laugh at). So, here’s a year’s worth of all that fun stuff in one post.

Okay, maybe that’s a little too ambitious. I’ll just stick to some updates:

So those of you who know me well enough (and maybe barely at all, because really I can’t keep my mouth shut about it) know that I’ve had a love affair with London. You know that all I’ve wanted, for years, has been to move here.

Obviously, it had to happen eventually. I’m so thankful that I was accepted into this program. I wasn’t expecting to get so nerdy about linguistics (okay, maybe it’s not insanely surprising), and I definitely wasn’t expecting to have the opportunity to study, via my dissertation, the effects of fiction on a reader’s brain. It’s a perfect combination of my fascination with cognitive linguistics and my writing career, which has been put on the back-burner the past few months.

That’s all going to change now, though. I’m back at it, and more focused on my goals than before. I’m beginning to uncover, through various studies and theories, the ways our brains process and empathise with fictional situations. It’s the most fascinating process, and I’m definitely going to take advantage of it for my future fiction. Basically, I’m going to be the she-Frankenstein of the writing world.

Anyway, Yuuki has of course joined me. He had a lovely voyage via cruise ship to get here (only the best for this pup). I plan on writing a more detailed post about our experiences there, mostly for fellow pet-owners who, like me, were terrified of transporting their animals abroad. The gist of it: Yuuki was meant for the sea, and he’s calmer on planes than I am.


All in all, life has been good 😀

Have any of my lovely readers made a big move recently? How’d it go? Let me know in the comments 😀

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