Review: Everything You Want Me To Be, by Mindy Mejia (Spoiler-free)


So I just finished “Everything You Want Me To Be” by Mindy Mejia. I should start off these reviews by saying that I’m one of those readers who gets immersed in just about any book, so that’s rarely a problem for me. This was no different, and I mostly enjoyed the characters and the plot.

Snappy summary: High school girl is found murdered, main suspects are her football-playing boyfriend and her married English teacher, who *gasp!* also happens to be her lover.

What I liked:

What I wasn’t so excited about:

Overall, I’d say this was a solid four out of five stars. Mejia is clearly a great writer, so it was an easy read. If you want something deeper and more psychologically screwed up, you might want to try something different.

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