So I just finished “Everything You Want Me To Be” by Mindy Mejia. I should start off these reviews by saying that I’m one of those readers who gets immersed in just about any book, so that’s rarely a problem for me. This was no different, and I mostly enjoyed the characters and the plot.

Snappy summary: High school girl is found murdered, main suspects are her football-playing boyfriend and her married English teacher, who *gasp!* also happens to be her lover.

What I liked:

  • The dead girl, Hattie, has a healthy level of snark.
  •  The high school teacher shows a decent amount of “trying” not to hook up with her
  • The way they got together is kind of weird, in a good way (I think?)
  • It’s easy to digest

What I wasn’t so excited about:

  • The twist at the end was kind of anti-climactic. And staged.
  • The main characters were extremely, unabashedly cliche. Ex: Gritty, divorced Vietnam war Vet-turned sheriff. What was interesting was the author mentioned how cliche he was in the book itself, so maybe she made him this way on purpose? I just don’t know how doing so would help the story.
  • It feels like I’ve seen this plot a little too much
  • The audiobook version. This of course isn’t anything to do with the quality of the story itself, but the voice acting really rubbed me the wrong way, so try to read it instead.

Overall, I’d say this was a solid four out of five stars. Mejia is clearly a great writer, so it was an easy read. If you want something deeper and more psychologically screwed up, you might want to try something different.

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