Interview With A Character: Rose Swansea

I’m going to kick off my first Wednesday Writings post with a character interview, because Rose Swansea very much wants to be absolved of her sins. This young English immigrant is haunted by the stalker who killed her lover, and despite escaping to a Manhattan speakeasy catering to practitioners of the occult, the masked Aidos is still killing, still leaving messages and flowers on her pillow. But Rose is smart — she’s sure she can figure out who this mysterious man is and finally ensure justice is served. What she doesn’t know is how easily nerves, and eventually psychosis, can lead even the most upright person to murder

That said, this manuscript is pretty bleak.

So Rose wants to lighten the mood. She’s hoping for a silly conversation, and as the writer who sort of destroyed her life, I feel compelled to at least give her that.

Sarah: Okay, so this is kind of weird. I mean, I’m basically talking to myself here, but then also to my character. *Brain fries*

Rose: Well, madness comes in many forms.

Sarah: Painfully true. *Laughs* How’s yours going?

-Rose glares-

Sarah: Sorry, too soon?

Rose: This interview will be so much better if I’m asking the questions, don’t you think? 

Sarah: Uh, okay….

Rose: So, my dear creator, what compelled you to write about an innocent girl’s slip into insanity? When all she wanted was to go about her life like everyone else?

Sarah: This is awkward.

Rose: Why?

Sarah: Because you’re putting me on the spot. I just wanted to–

Rose: Considering your heinous acts toward me and the other characters, I don’t believe I’m putting you on any “spot.”

Sarah: Hmm, this isn’t going well. I thought you wanted to have a happy conversation.

Rose: Would you have talked to me if you’d known I was going to confront you?

Sarah: Touché

Rose: So, tell us all why you chose to, as you admitted, destroy my life.

Sarah: Well, first off, it’s not over. I gave you an out.

Rose: *Laughs* Oh yes, you certainly did. I suppose that absolves you of everything.

Sarah: Maybe this was a mistake.

Rose: For you, certainly. I’m still waiting for my answer.

Sarah: *Sighs* I was just fascinated with the idea of manipulation and gaslighting, plus I wanted to know what would happen if you were surrounded by it on all sides and couldn’t trust yourself anymore.

Rose: That’s your reason? You wanted to see what would happen to me?  

Sarah: Yeah…

Rose: Well, now you know, don’t you? You know exactly what happens and how awful it is. This is all your fault.

Sarah: I’m sorry. But think of it this way, you’ll come out of it stronger than ––

Rose: Oh, no. Don’t give me that excuse. I was just fine before you came along and mucked things up.

Sarah: Um, you didn’t exist before me.

– Rose stares in silent fury –

Sarah: Maybe we should stop here. Thank you, Rose, for talking with me today. I can’t totally promise that your story will end happily because, well, so far that’s not the case. But I can at least say that you’ll be getting out of your current predicament very soon and find comfort ––

Rose: I bloody well had better be getting out of this “predicament.”

Sarah: You will. Seriously. You’ll be the epitome of girl power in the next book, assuming I ever even get this first one published.

Rose: You mean, my fate rests upon whether or not this despicable story is published?

Sarah: ….Yeah.

Rose: Damn it, Sarah. What are you doing talking to me? Go out there and find yourself an agent so that you can get me out of this mess.

Sarah: Will do. For those of you still reading this lovely little failure of an interview, thank you!

Rose: Someone, please, help me. 

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