Okay, I’m going to blog for real this time. (Seriously!)

This site has been around for a few years now, and I keep promising to post more. Clearly, that hasn’t been working. So I took my break time today to really hash out a plan for this blog.  Seriously. I created a spreadsheet.

My goal: Write a post every (week)day. 

Monday Meditations — Posts all about spritualism, yoga (or my failed attempts at it), and the like. Maybe (definitely) a pinch of the paranormal.

Tuesday Travels — I’ll usually choose a “place of the week” and write about it, but I’ll add in a smattering of travel tips and stuff every so often.

Wednesday Writings — This will be pretty much the only day all week when I talk about the craft of writing!

Thursday Theme-ings— My book review day!!

Friday Fullfillments — All about my life, including updates, personal goals, etc.

So there you have it. The spreadsheet is filled out all through March, my fingers are warmed up and ready to type, and my blog has a shiny new layout just waiting for content.

I’m going to begin weekday posting next Monday. For those of you who follow me on some form of social media loveliness, don’t worry about me filling up your newsfeed about this every day. I’ll probably only post one or two entries to Facebook and Twitter every week.

If anyone has any  content suggestions or requests, comment below 🙂


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