Good News For Writers (And Bloggers, Too)!

So I stumbled upon this awesome article from Arts.Mic about the health benefits of writing. It starts off with, “No matter the quality of your prose, the act of writing itself leads to strong physical and mental health benefits.”

Now, I have to say I was trying very hard not to laugh when I first read this. I mean, we all know that writers tend to be notorious for their alcoholism, depressive streaks, lack of hygiene and bad food addictions. I figured that simply being a writer at all would take five years off my life, especially considering the stress we go through by just trying to get published.

But it looks like research says otherwise. The article goes on to cite two studies about the emotional and physical benefits of writing. Apparently, writing about stressful events actually decreases the likelihood of being affected by trauma later on. Even more interesting, the second study says that writers’ wounds heal faster, too. If you want more details on the studies, check out that lovely little link above 🙂

It seems that this article focuses a little more on journaling (heads up, bloggers and memoirists!) than fiction writing, but I’d like to think that our lot can also fit within this spectrum, if only we can get past our coffee addictions (okay, fine, my coffee addiction). Just another reason to keep at it and write like the wind!!**

Now, back to that first draft I’ve been procrastinating on.

**Says the apparent queen of cliches.

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