Introducing A Latte Words!

Hello YouTube. Clearly I’m a noob at video formatting.

It’s been an interesting year. At the beginning of 2020, I was traipsing through Australia and New Zealand, with a gaming channel geared towards English learners waiting for me to continue when I got home. Never did I imagine I’d get pregnant, we’d all go into hiding, and after a long hiatus from all things creative (baby life), I’d bite the bullet and finally tackle the vlogosphere.

But here we are.

Important note: Gaming English is still very much a thing. Problem is, it takes a huge chunk of time and mental capacity to create quality educational content. I have neither of these resources available at the moment (again, baby life).

What I do have is twenty minutes between poop explosions and so, so much spit-up. Luckily, this turns out to be the ideal amount of time to pop my phone on a tripod (the wrong way – see above) and film myself chatting about writing over a (usually cold) cuppa coffee.

And so, A Latte Words was born!

This channel will be dedicated to coffee, writerly chat, and one pun too many. I’ll be participating in #AuthorTube and #BookTube, both of which I’ve only just discovered — because clearly I’m a writing hermit — but they already feel like a homecoming.

The poop monster, otherwise known as Mr. Wigglebottom, is waking, so I’ll cut this post short. But if you’re interested in random chatter, bad jokes, and creative nerdiness, please make sure to subscribe to A Latte Words!

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