This Is What Writing My First Draft Feels Like:

4 thoughts on “This Is What Writing My First Draft Feels Like:”

  1. I am glad the experience was revelatory. Regarding pantsing vs. plotting, it is both and neither for me. I don’t quite plot: my outlines are wild-haired, unformatted text dumps in a file, which then are wrestled into shape. I wake up at night to feverishly jot down inspired thoughts onto a pad, then figure out later where they fit in one of my story structures.

    But I also can’t write with abandon, either. I can’t write drafts. Even with an intent of fixing later, I can’t let it be raw and untamed. I move slowly and linearly, polishing as I go, and if I get stuck, I’m stuck until it moves.

    Which is a good indicator that my methods are not terribly effective. It sounds like you’re getting things done.

    1. Your process sounds a lot like mine. I have to constantly remember to allow myself to write garbage, but at the same time, plotting in the past felt tedious and seemed to take away the “spark” -_- Glad I’m not alone though! Hope your writing has been going well šŸ˜€

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