Those Victorians Had Quite The Potty Mouths On ‘Em

So yesterday, while on a drunk train from San Diego to LA (long story), I began my sequel to “Becoming Light.” This one is already much, much different from the first, which might be facing some more heavy edits. Emma is now speaking in first person present, which so far has been a huge improvement from its predecessor’s third person past. She seems more real and fleshed out, which of course is awesome 🙂

This does mean, though, I’ve got to start looking up more Victorian-ish words, including slang and swears (Emma is the perfect, polite aristocrat on the outside, but her thoughts aren’t exactly composed of the most angelic phrases).

Today actually turned out to be the perfect time to study it. As I was driving here, I nearly got into two accidents (thank you, Burbank drivers, for not noticing– or caring about?– stop signs!), so you can say I’m already in a swearing mood 🙂

A quick Google search brought me to this delightful list of Victorian swear words, which, apparently, you can turn into flash cards!

(Warning: Despite the flash cards, kids or anti-crudey people shouldn’t click on this link 🙂 )

My favorite: Crinkum Crankem

I also came upon a list of Victorian slang. And just putting it out there: I will definitely find some excuse to use “fly rink.”

I have to say that compared to us, Victorians were pretty dang poetic. We really need to step it up a bit!!

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