One Of Those Happy Writer Moments

One of my favorite parts of the writing process is getting feedback. Not necessarily the “it was great” stuff, (though that’s always nice 🙂 ), but the really constructive comments. This weekend I received some awesome feedback from two readers who had so many theories about how my new book will end (they haven’t finished it yet), that we spent almost an hour dissecting the characters and backstories. It was ridiculously hard to keep a poker face when they mentioned certain facets about the story, but so much fun to see where their minds went. 

That feedback really helped motivate me to keep up the agent search. If they can (unbiasedly) be drawn in to this story, why not an agent? One of them out there has to bite, right?

Speaking of this new book, we finally came up with a title!! (Thank God– save synapses, titles are the worst). But after months of going back and forth with titles, we finally decided to call it “The Other Side.” I think it fits well, considering the themes and ideas in it. Not giving anything away though 😉





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