Beginning Again

So I’ve been bad. We all know it’s been far too long since I’ve posted. I guess you could say Los Angeles caught me up and spun me around. I kept jumping for jobs any place I could, forgetting what was most important all for that desperation to pay bills and afford pretty things. That led me to a job as an editorial assistant at a travel publication for barely minimum wage, no benefits, and expectations to work overtime with absolutely no pay. 

Yeah, it was bad. I only stayed for two weeks, and during that time, five people quit or were fired. Five out of maybe fifteen employees total, that is. The atmosphere was so negative and stressful that I had to leave. Plus, you know, they were doing some illegal stuff =/

Back to the candy store I went. By this point I had resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to find that perfect full time editing job any time soon. I needed to focus on my writing, anyway. That was what was most important.

So I finished another book. (Just sent it out to the first agent today…. ahhhh!!)

And then I got a call from a magazine I’d interviewed at months ago. They had a new position, a better one than what I’d applied for. It came with all the perks; my own (windowed!) office, benefits (401K, vacation pay? What’s that??), and a salary I’d long given up on finding. It was like everything was finally coming together. 

I was there a month before they decided they needed to downsize. I was first to go.

So now here I am, jobless and completely terrified. I’m desperately applying for anything I can (again), which we know will likely end in the same results. But now I have a new idea: freelance editing.

I know the market might be saturated with editors right now, but this is something that I feel like I can actually do well. And I enjoy it. And I won’t have to be (as) dependent on other people. So that’s where I’m hoping to head in the next few months!!

Oh, and I’ll be updating this much more. I promise!!



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