Writing Again…Kind Of…

Have you ever been so busy with the day to day grind that you lose track of your life’s mission? I haven’t written, I mean really written, in weeks.

I know part of it is because I finished a crazy move and have to juggle unpacking, buying apartment stuff, working and keeping up with my internship hours. But I still feel so off.

So I gave myself about an hour to work on my next manuscript. I’m writing this during that allotted hour. Bad sign, huh?

I just can’t seem to get into this one. I want to go back to the first book, the one that catapulted me in to a new, magical world. That one felt so meaningful. This one just… doesn’t.

What’s sad is I’m still following one of my main characters from the original. It’s not like this story is a totally different universe with completely different people.

Maybe I need to just keep pushing through, maybe it will start to be what the first one was? Anyone else out there feel that way about their second book?

2 responses to “Writing Again…Kind Of…”

  1. I found that when my story ended it was so natural that I felt suddenly left out of the picture. I think that’s what happens when you create a character so real that they go on with their lives…except your part of their story, as the writer, has concluded.
    It’s weird.

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