I Think I’ve Fallen In Love

I began creating the website for my book today, and I know I shouldn’t speak too soon as I’ve only just started using it, but Dreamweaver is absolutely amazing. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m not the most tech-savvy person on the planet. But somehow, some way, Dreamweaver magically makes sense.

I do have to admit I’ve had the help of some awesome video tutorials. Still, the program itself is so easy and straightforward, nothing like Photoshop (lowers voce ominously at the name).

What’s funny is when I first opened Dreamweaver I almost threw up. Everything was so… techy. There were too many codes and words. I could almost feel my brain whimpering, begging me not to force too much HTML down its throat (or, uh, neural pathways?). But once I got through the initial “create a new document” portion, birds began to chirp and everything sparkled. I was able to look both at the HTML view and what the page actually looks like…. at the same time! It was magnificent!

My face on Dreamweaver.

So anyway, I’m almost finished with my homepage. It looks like it’s actually real. Yup, I’ve found my calling 😉

2 responses to “I Think I’ve Fallen In Love”

  1. SO happy to hear that. My techie guy learned PhotoShop so he could do the covers for my book. It is a complicated piece of software from what I saw. I’m glad you found something you feel comfortable with. You go, Girl!

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