… Andd I’m Alive Again

Sorry for the weeks of silence, but this whole NaNoWriMo thing has had me furiously consumed. Thankfully, I’ve just completed the 50,000-word requirement and am officially a Nano 2012 winner!! I got a cute little badge and everything 🙂


Sooo I’m pretty excited about this little achievement 🙂 And very happy to be getting back to this blog again!! Anyone else complete the challenge this year??

9 responses to “… Andd I’m Alive Again”

  1. Congrats! I just wrapped my 50k words up a couple of hours ago.

    It feels good not to need to write anything in the immediate future…

  2. Unfortunately, I only made it to 41,000 this year! Quite bummed but looking on the positive side of the whole experience.

    Well done! that’s incredible and indeed, awesome badge.

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