Eagerly Awaiting The Most Awesome Weekend Ever…

The Writer’s Digest West conference is happening this weekend 🙂 I’m composing a list of agents to sell my book to, printing out copies of my synopsis and memorizing my pitch, all of which is both super exciting and absolutely terrifying.

I feel like over the past few months I’ve put so much hope into this single weekend- to the point where I haven’t even queried an agent in over a month. Maybe that’s a bad idea?

Whenever I get really excited and hopeful about a huge opportunity like this, I always wonder how I’ll feel after it ends. How am I going to feel after this weekend if none of the agents appear interested and I don’t meet anyone to at least network with? So I try to temper my hope to some level.

But then I start to question whether I’m adequately using the Secret or the Law of Attraction or whatever you prefer to call it. I need to be 100% sure the best thing possible is going to happen, right?

What’s funny though is that the opposite always happens for me: I tend to err on the side of caution and not allow myself to hope for the best, and almost every time I do, what I’d wanted happens. I’ve tried the secret before, and it didn’t really work. So maybe my brain is flip-flopped?

This is how my mind works whenever I’m about to put my heart on the line- always uncertain, always contradicting myself and second-guessing every thought. Strangely, it’s worked so far, so I guess I’ll keep on doing it 🙂

And worst-case scenario, if nothing happens for me this weekend, at least I get to end it at Mika’s show in Hollywood 🙂 Anyone going??

Oh, and if any fellow writers are headed to the conference, hit me up!!

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