I Think I May Have Created A Writing Vampire

I took a second job. Which so far has been sucking up all of my writing time. Maybe I’m freaking out too much- I just started yesterday. But my schedule looked like this:

9:30 am: Report to New Job

2:00 pm: New Job shift ends and now I must speed over to the nearest mall to find suitable clothes for said New Job. Plus eat. Definitely can’t forget that.

4:45 pm: must be at First Job to change into frump uniform and clock in by 5

9:00pm: Just finished closing at First Job. I’d promised a friend I’d hang out tonight, so I rush over there.

12:00am: pass out in bed so I can be up by 8 am this morning.

So I guess I have to choose between socialization and writing. Or maybe I really am just freaking out because it was the first day. Anyone else out there juggling two + jobs while actively trying to launch their writing career? If so, any suggestions?

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