Clearly I’m A Lifelong Paranormal Fiction Enthusiast

So I discovered some old short stories I wrote when I was nine. One of them almost made me laugh out loud. Below is a snippet:

“The stars in the sky were sparkling more than ever before. Sarah could see all the constellations perfectly (which was very hard to see from home).

Chelsea looked at the van’s clock.

‘It’s almost 11:00pm!’ Chelsea said.

‘We’ve been driving practically all day,’ groaned Marya.

‘Well, the lodge is about a mile away,” said Dad.

A few minutes later, Sarah got settled in. She was almost asleep when she heard a scream.

‘Ah-Ah-Ah!’ the chilling voice screamed. Sarah was wide awake.

‘What was that?!’ Marya gasped in fear.

‘I have no idea,” said Mom, concerned.

‘Probably some teenagers screaming,’ Dad said.

‘But we’re still far away from the lodge,’ Chelsea protested.

‘Not that far,’ Dad said. ‘Only about fifteen minutes.’

Lots of things would happen in those fifteen minutes.

Then, that horrible scream came back, but this time, it was much closer.

Just then, Sarah saw something big and black run across the old road.

‘What was that?!’ Sarah gasped.

‘It must be a bear,’ said Mom.

‘That’s not a bear,’ said Dad.

‘Then what is it?’ asked Chelsea.

‘I think it’s Bigfoot,’ said Dad, seriously.”

So funny to see how even back then I was into writing paranormal fiction 🙂

And now back to working on my short stories and praying one of them gets some recognition. Might be MIA on here the next few days.

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