Tea With A Demon

Now that exclusivity rights are up with Writers Tribe Review, I’m excited to bring “Tea With A Demon” home to my little website 🙂 Tea With A Demon Published in Writers Tribe Review’s “Humor” Issue, Fall 2013 Mrs. Chinsey arrived for dinner at the Flitterbys’ home an hour late that evening. Her graying hair, normally … Continue reading Tea With A Demon


So I finally  heard back from the literary agent I’d pitched to in October. Here’s the gist: “Thank you for sharing LIGHT with me and I apologize for the length of time it has taken me to respond… While I really love the Victorian setting with the paranormal twist, I regret to say that I … Continue reading Denied.

Meet Ambrosius…

So I’ve talked about my first book a little bit but I’ve never posted bits of it on here. That’s going to change today. Below is the scene where the novel’s main character, 19th century English aristocrat Emma Collins, has her first… ahem… encounter… with this eccentric (possibly even insane?) man. He turns out to … Continue reading Meet Ambrosius…

Ancient Aliens- Expanded

As promised, I’m going to  explain what drove me to really delve into Ancient Alien theory. I’ve always been kinda space-y. I blame lots of childhood scarring, including my Trekkie mom’s silver-framed USS Enterprise portrait lovingly hung above the sofa in our living room for five years, that enticing battery-smell on Disneyland’s Star Tours ride … Continue reading Ancient Aliens- Expanded