Project Type: Adult

  • The Woman In The Charm House

    The Woman In The Charm House

    Genre: Speculative Literary Audience: Adult Status: Draft In a world ravaged by the climate crisis, 18-year-old Winnie finds solace with her adoptive Grandmother in an old house nestled deep in the forest. Their home is a rare respite from the storms and wars surrounding them, but everything changes when a community of nomads settle nearby. […]

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  • Into The Dollhouse

    Into The Dollhouse

    Genre: Speculative Fiction Audience: Adult, New Adult Status: Querying Agents Jess and Angelina are exact opposites, which is strange considering they’re the same person.   It’s bad enough that ex-hacker Jess Torres is facing homelessness, but now she’s starting to hear a voice in her head. Angelina is a successful engineer who claims to be Jess, […]

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