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  • 5 Of My Biggest Travel Fails

    I might as well start off my Tuesday Travels with some lovely little travel fails. Most of these center on my most recent trip to London (because I’ve thankfully blocked out previous misadventures). Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Packing Too Much I blame this mostly on anxiety. Really, anything could happen while I’m away for…

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  • My (Mis)Adventures In Yoga

    My (Mis)Adventures In Yoga

    I first attempted yoga when I was in college. A friend and I decided that we wanted to be flexible and zen, so we went to a local yurt (yes, my hometown is hippieville USA). I figured it would be a nice, slow session of balancing on one foot or hanging out in downward dog.…

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  • Okay, I’m going to blog for real this time. (Seriously!)

    This site has been around for a few years now, and I keep promising to post more. Clearly, that hasn’t been working. So I took my break time today to really hash out a plan for this blog.  Seriously. I created a spreadsheet. My goal: Write a post every (week)day.  Monday Meditations — Posts all…

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  • Taking the Wattpad Plunge

    It’s been two years since I first heard about Wattpad, but I’ve finally scrounged up the courage to post on it. At first, I only wanted to publish the first few chapters of “The Dreadful Demise of Miss Emma Collins” in hopes of getting some good, meaty feedback. But after getting a taste of the…

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  • Tea With A Demon

    Tea With A Demon

    Now that exclusivity rights are up with Writers Tribe Review, I’m excited to bring “Tea With A Demon” home to my little website 🙂 Tea With A Demon Published in Writers Tribe Review’s “Humor” Issue, Fall 2013 Mrs. Chinsey arrived for dinner at the Flitterbys’ home an hour late that evening. Her graying hair, normally…

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  • The Misadventures Of A Shiny New Cosplayer

    The Misadventures Of A Shiny New Cosplayer

    There are some benefits to losing your job due to school closure. For example, you can stay up to all ungodly hours of the night, stalking your apartment like a vampire (added plus: your dog will have a new — albeit horrified — respect for you). Another benefit is the long, schedule-free weeks that stretch…

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  • Book Review: Dream Yoga, By Andrew Holecek

    The other day I was scouring my local Barnes and Noble for a Voodoo ritual book (per usual?). Strangely, it isn’t as popular a religion as one might think. But just as I was about to cry out to Obatala for forsaking my current WIP, I came across a magical little tome called Dream Yoga:…

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  • A Little Creative Experiment

    And it’s summer! I’m in the middle of rewriting “Becoming Light,” which, I have to say, has changed completely since its first draft. Emma works so much better in first person. It’s amazing how much more of her I can see in it, whereas before it seemed Ambrosius and all his manic antics stole the show.…

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  • A Reminder

    This is the newest photo of the Andromeda Galaxy taken by Hubble. You’re looking at 1.5 billion pixels, or 4.3 GB of disk space. For. One. Picture. As you’ve probably guessed, it’s the biggest picture ever taken of the galaxy, and it only covers a small chunk of it. But that’s not even the scary…

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  • New Year, New Book!

    New Year, New Book!

    So I swear this last bout of radio silence has been for a good reason: I’m working on the first draft of my next book 🙂 This one is decidedly New Adult and has a fantasy twist. Though it also, of course, involves alien planets, so I guess I should plaster on that sci-fi label…

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